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Feel at home with Partena Home Help!

Make a real difference as a home helper, and let us take good care of you.

Get a permanent contract from the start, with an attractive salary paid promptly. Work locally, and choose your hours. But above all, feel right at home with your clients: we carefully match you with clients with whom we know you will click, so that you can always enjoy your work. Whatever work you do, whether it is cleaning, fetching groceries or ironing, you will always be shown respect. Feel good and truly be a part of the team.

"Investeren in betrokken en geëngageerde medewerkers is één van de krachtlijnen van onze strategie, want tevreden werknemers zorgen ook voor tevreden en trouwe klanten."

Kristel Bracke
Partena Home Help

Eerste dienstenchequebedrijf met ’Investors in People’-label

"Het ’Investors in People’-kwaliteitslabel bekroont werkgevers die investeren in hun medewerkers. Partena Hulp in huis behaalt als eerste in de Dienstenchequesector ineens het zilveren label."

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Benefits at a glance

Work safely, also in times of corona
More information about our measures

Permanent contract from the start & job security

Attractive salary, paid promptly

Flexible hours, at your own pace

Meal vouchers, year-end bonus and seniority bonus

Telephone allowance, mileage allowance & work clothes

Personal coaching & adapted training

Customers that suit you, Feel free to bring your own clients

Work locally

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“If you work in a factory, you’re just a number. I’m never a number. I’m Rita.”

Rita, home helper with Partena for 10 years now

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“What’s good with Partena? I have a permanent contract, a good consultant and very nice clients.”

Hagar, home helper with Partena for 1 year now

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“The feeling when you click with the family you work in is indescribable.”

Elsie, home helper with Partena for 2 years now

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“My clients live in my neighbourhood. 6 years on, I still love my job. Also because I have lots of freedom.”

Tessa, home helper with Partena for 6 years now

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About Partena Home help

Permanent employer of 2.200 home helpers

Every day, over 2,200 home helpers work with Partena. They all have permanent contracts and work with clients who are a great fit for them. Partena is an employer you can trust, and that is committed to its home helpers’ wellbeing. Our consultants are always available to help you.

15,000 customers, closer than you think

Partena’s home helpers work everywhere in Flanders and in Brussels. This may make us a large organization, but we are closer than you think. We always make sure that our home helpers can work locally. This will make your life easier, as you can get to work by public transport or by bike. And you can better plan your day, to ensure a good work-life balance.

43 consultants: you take care of your clients, we take care of you

Partena is always by your side. Our consultants help you stay on top of your paperwork. They are here to answer any questions you might have. If you would like to change your hours or take some time off, they are quick and easy to reach. Even working on your own in your clients’ homes, you will always feel supported.

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Work safely, in all conditions.
Read here our corona measures.